Private cloud is easy

August 17th, 2017 Company News Fresh Perspectives

Blockchain and public ledgers. What is it all about? If you put it in one word, that would be “decentralization”. That’s what Ethereum guys are all about. While some people don’t mind, others are concerned about the situation, where handful of major players running their Clouds, and the rest of the world trusting them blindly with their data.

Nextcloud solved part of this problem in their own way. Want to just keep your documents and files out of reach of big corporations? Nextcloud gives you a straightforward solution: use cloud approach and still keep your data on your home computer.

Next step would be secure remote access. There is no point in keeping your files anywhere, if you can’t access them, right? Thanks to the progress, secure remote access is easily solvable.

Here are the options:

Option 1 (plain old way, without Beame):

Option 2 (keep it up, with Beame):

Welcome to community of those, who fight centralization, and make corporate and government spying harder.

We think you’ll find it much easier with Beame.

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